The National TAA Petition Workgroup is a state-led, peer-to-peer group with a focus on discussing petition filing best practices and innovations.

To join this group, please contact Jennifer Detling in Colorado at  To learn more about the formation of this group, review this blog.

Select resources submitted by this group are in the “Related Content” section along the left-side of this page. Keep checking back, as additional resources will be added.

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Think Differently Form

A dialogue approach designed to engage employers and expand understanding in the ways in which Trade may be a contributing factor to layoffs.

United States International Trade Commission (USITC) The DataWeb Tip Sheet and US Import Monitoring Tool can be helpful in petition research.  See also the ITC FAQ.
Trade Act Navigator Job Descriptions
The Trade Act Navigator Job Descriptions and Florida Navigation Program Lead Site provide additional details on the roles of the Navigators, including the role of petition filing.
 Petition Filing Resources View both the Navigator Checklist and Manual to aid you in filing a complete petition form.  (Updated Jan. 2022)
 Research Tools These tools can assist you in conducting research for petition filing.  See the blog from Vermont about their experience learning more about petition filing during the petition pilot.
 Outreach Strategies The geo-fencing blog describes an outreach strategy used by Indiana.  Check back for more outreach strategies.
 Communication with Companies Continued communication with company officials is key in the petition process.  Resources for communications with companies will continue to be uploaded.  Currently, there is the 30-day notice form for when a company is not responsive to the request for a worker list.
 Working with Partner Programs See the RESEA handout from Missouri.  More materials will be posted soon for working with partners.
 USDOL Decision/Determination Documents View the Determination Documents: Shift in Production video to learn how the petition information translates to the determination document.  More videos to come.