We are excited about posting state-created resources to the TAA Community.  These resources include (but are not limited to) TAA outreach materials, state policies, staff training materials, and forms.

If you are interested in sharing a material with the wider TAA Community, please follow the instructions below.  

  • Send an email to taa.cop@dol.gov
  • Subject line: Resource to Post
  • Include in the body:
    • Name of Resource
    • Description of the resource (what it is, how it is used, why it has been successful, etc.)
    • Timeline - If there is a time period for when the resource should be taken down from the site, please share that.
    • Owner of resource and contact information
    • Any relevant links
  •  Attach the material, if applicable.

OTAA will review the material and make the decision as to whether the resource will posted to the TAA Community.  The submitter will be informed of the decision to post.  If the material is posted, the submitter will also be sent the direct link to it.

See attached example.