Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers

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January 15, 2020 Fiscal AMA


Author: Susan Manikowski

Created On: 1/16/2020 8:13:03 PM

Select topics discussed in the 1/15/20 Fiscal AMA:

  1. Reminder of 2/14/20 reporting deadline for the 12/31/19 quarter.

  2. Two recent webinars on financial topics:

    1. TAA Financial Overview (on 1/9/20)

    2. Seven Tips for Creating High-Quality Requests for TAA Program Reserve Funds (on 12/13/2019)

  3. Upcoming TAA webinars: See

  4. TAADI Self-Check Reminder + Newly Released FISCAL ONLY Self-Check

  5. Reminder that TAA Administrative Collection of States (TAAACS) due 2/28/20

  6. Initial Allocation and Grants Management TEGL expected in February

  7. Case management incentives

  8. When do TRA payments accrue?

  9. Staff time cost allocation

  10. Time period of expenditures used in TAADI

  11. Peer support workers

  12. How do obligations affect TAADI?

  13. Payment processing delays and impact on TAADI

  14. SF-424 explanation

  15. How are allocations calculated for states?

  16. Out of Order spending

  17. Notice of Obligation vs. Notice of Award