OTAA presents Trade 101, a collection of training materials ranging from 5 minute overview videos and one pagers to hour long in-depth recordings of presentation on the TAA Program. 

by Tim Theberge, OTAA Staff

I’m not sure who coined the term, “K through Gray,” but a former ETA Assistant Secretary used the phrase often when discussing workforce development. The world changes so fast that it is incumbent upon all of us to embrace continuous learning throughout our lives. This isn’t just about learning what is new, but refreshing our minds about what we already know. When I was in Kindergarten, there was still widespread use of 8 tracks and 8mm home movie recorders. The first TV “remote” we had in our house connected to the TV with a wire. Now, today, as the first grays start to appear, I can record video in 4k on my phone. That phone also has access to every song ever recorded by humanity at the touch of a button and allows me to stream live television from anywhere on the planet with a cellular signal. But it’s not just in technology that change moves on. Our knowledge of medicine, space, biology, energy, history, all expands throughout our lives. The world of workforce development is no different. A job search in 2021 is vastly different from one in 1984.


To assist you all in learning all there is to know about the TAA Program, we have compiled a Trade 101 collection of learning materials and resources. The materials and sources are arranged by tiers, from the highest overview (Tier 1) down into the thickest of the weeds (Tier 4). Included in this collection are two recordings of a 100 slide presentation on the TAA Program: one under the 2015 provisions and another recording covering Reversion 2021. As additional materials and resources are created or discovered, we’ll add them to the table. Thank you to our state partners that have already contributed resources to this effort. They are very much appreciated.


The Trade 101 Resource Table is available here: https://taa.workforcegps.org/resources/2021/08/27/12/54/Trade_101


If you are aware of any good materials that we can add to the table, email us at: TAA.Cop@dol.gov


The first Reversion 2021 certifications are expected this week. If one is issued in your state, make sure to reach out to your Regional Office for technical assistance needs.