By: Jay Bassett, Assistant Director, Arkansas Division of Workforce Services


The Arkansas TAA Program has been working since 2018 with the Arkansas State Workforce Board to support co-enrollment between TAA and Title I Dislocated Worker (DW), including 100% referrals of TAA eligible participants to WIOA– but, up until recently, were limited to facilitating information between TAA and the locals, who were the ultimate decision makers as to whether TAA participants were enrolled in Title I DW. When it became apparent that, as a result of the 2020 TAA Final Rule, TAA case management funds could be used to fund assessments by WIOA staff, the state board convened local board leadership to discuss how to meet requirements developing new policy. As a result of this policy consultation conducted via conference call, it was decided that locals (1) would agree to co-enroll TAA certified workers, (2) provide the names of the local staff to whom referrals should be made (3) stay in communication so that this list of local contacts would be updated regularly, and (4) track the efforts of the those connected through this process. We look forward to reviewing the effectiveness of this model.