By Phyllis Gish, Kansas TAA Program Manager


After spending a couple months focusing on training every employee across the state involved in reemployment services, by presenting TAA information, we tried to determine how we could improve our presentation and provide a better understanding of TAA.

We decided personal stories could encourage conversations, create a broader understanding of what the TAA program offers, highlight community impact, encourage workers to enroll in TAA services and show a positive ending to a difficult layoff.

So, we reached out to a marketing company. We spent time with them explaining the program and our end goal. We then identified case managers and impacted workers that might assist in the process.

Recording took some time as we went to several locations. Once the marketing company had footage, they put together the videos and sent them back to us for review. After several revisions, we ended with what we considered a great product.

It does add the personal touch needed when explaining the program. It also provides an example of a positive outcome from an often-devastating event.

We like having more than one video, as each tells a little different story so we can be selective and can select the best fit for each audience. We use them for TAA Informational Meetings and an assortment of other outreach presentations. The videos have been well received and help accomplish our goal of improving the way we tell our story.

We are in the process of creating two additional videos to assist with outreach. One will be a plea to companies to work with us and another to create a better understanding of how we can help an entire community. We will also use these videos to assist the Workforce staff working with businesses and rapid response teams in the hope additional information will be passed our way in order to file petitions quicker and more efficiently. Hopefully these videos will help improve how we tell the TAA story.