By Joan Kilian-Ikeler and Kirsten Cullen, TAA Program Coordinators


We envisioned that the videos would cover background information about the TAA program, some participant testimonials, and a breakdown of the program's primary benefits. We also envisioned the use of professional visuals/graphics and other effective video-based presentation strategies.

Benefits to using videos:
• A more engaging and user-friendly approach to convey complicated information, resulting in increased participation and utilization of program benefits.
• A "professionalized" image for the program.
• A consistent message across the state
• Decreased travel time for central office staff, so more time can be dedicated to the administration, oversight, and further enhancement of the TAA program.
• A resource for workers (and their family members) unable to attend an in-person intake session (videos are on our public website).
• An avenue for individuals to review material multiple times (outside of the in-person intake setting) if repetition is needed in order to better understand the complex information.

Successes due to using the videos:
• From our public website video views have ranged between 185 to 626 views per month.
• Present a more professional image for the program.
• The testimonials are engaging and provide a connection to the program benefits.
• We know we are providing a consistent message throughout the entire state of WI.

Overall, we are very happy with our product and are proud to use them as part of our in-person presentation and as a resource available 24/7 to Internet users.