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TAA Program Mission
Our mission is to create career pathways that transition workers from jobs lost due to the effects of foreign trade to tomorrow’s high-growth careers and a brighter future! The TAA Program accomplishes this by providing eligible individuals with a variety of benefits which may include: income assistance, (including wage supplements for eligible older workers), up to two and a half years of tuition-free training; employment and case management services, job search allowances, relocation allowances, a tax credit to help pay for health insurance premiums, and by partnering with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs and Cooperating State Agencies to help retrain, retool, and rebuild our workforce through the one-stop delivery system, carried out by American Job Centers nationwide. By transitioning workers to high-growth jobs, the TAA Program supports workers, their families, and hometown communities devastated by company layoffs and closures resulting from outsourcing and declines in U.S. production of articles and services in the global economy.

CoP Mission
Our mission is to openly share resources and expertise with TAA Program practitioners, to provide a platform for peer to peer learning, and to channel our shared passion into the continuous improvement of the TAA Program.

TAA Program practitioners frequently collaborate with Rapid Response teams, Unemployment Insurance specialists, and Business Services staff who assist with employer engagement and outreach. Training providers, one-stop center partners, and community organizations are also our allies in serving trade-affected workers. Please recommend the TAA CoP to colleagues and members of your peer network!